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How To Submit Business Name Registration Form At Company Registry

After filling the Business Name Registration (BN2) Form, you will be required to submit the form as per the following instructions

Step by Step Instructions on How to submit your Business Name Registration to Company Registry

Step 1: Make a photocopy of the name search document and carry Ksh. 800 for the business name registration payment process.

Step 2: Attach the photocopy to BN2 form and keep the original safe.

Step 3: Take it to counter 4 for verification.

Step 4: The staff will sign on top of the form for confirmation

Step 5: He/she will direct you the specific counter for payment and acquire a receipt after payment is done. Make sure that the counter indicates Business Name Registration payment before you start queueing in order to save your time.

Step 6: Keep the receipt in safe place as you will need it to pick up your business registration certificate at a later stage. You are advised to make a photocopy just in case you misplace that receipt, we all know how things tend to get lost when we really need them. So I don’t have to emphasis much on that.

Step 7: You will be required now to wait for 1 working day for your Business Registration Certificate to be processed. This is subjected to the workload and working hours of Company Registry.

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  1. I really appreciate the knowledge that many didn’t know including myself. Now I can start the proses to get my business running.

  2. Simple steps but very informative and at the same time very significant to budding entrepreneurs.

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