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How To Start A Restaurant Company In Kenya

When planning to start a restaurant company, there are several things to consider such as which type of restaurant you want to start.

There are many types of restaurant company and each type has its unique concept. The types of restaurant include; ethnic, international (French, Spanish, Turkish etc.), fast food, casual dining, family style, café, bar, food truck, and so on. 

In this article, we will outline the necessary procedures on how you can register your restaurant company.

Getting Registered

To begin your company registration for your restaurant business, you will need to come up with a company name suggestions that will need to be submitted on eCitizen to carry out a name search.

Name search process usually takes around 2 working days or less. Once the company name search is approved and reserved, you can now be able to begin your company registration process.

You will need to collect your requirements needed to generate your company documents. We can assist you with the preparation of company documents that we will send to you with instructions on how to sign them so we can submit them to company registry for processing.

Upon approval from Company Registry, your company will be issued with a certificate of incorporation, memorandum, CR12 letter among other documents.

Getting Compliance

You will need to consider getting a company KRA PIN for your restaurant so you can be able to open a business bank account, perform tax and vat returns, acquire a business permit. Once you get your company PIN, you will need to activate the VAT obligation if your revenue is Ksh. 5,000,000 per year.

The next step that you will need to take is secure an ETR machine in which you can have it configured to enable your business to process all your sales and issue customers with receipts. ETR machine will keep a record all the VAT transaction and you can use that information to make your monthly VAT returns.

It is advisable that you find an accountant who can help you make the accurate calculation. All VAT returns needs to be done before 20th of every month, failure to do so will expose your business to penalties from Kenya Revenue Authority.

Another important piece of information that you need to know is that any sales between Ksh. 500,000 – Ksh. 5,000,000 will incur a catering levy of 2% in which needs to be paid before 10th of every month to KRA.

Business Operations

Rules and regulations vary from county to county when it comes to the opening times of your restaurant business. It will depend on which type of license you have acquired from the county government. For example, in Nairobi, bars are not allowed within proximity of residential houses.

To apply for a business permit for your business, it all depends on which county you intend to operate your business in. Some counties such as Nairobi and Mombasa counties have embraced online platforms where businesses can apply and renew their business permits. To get more information, check your respective county government’s websites.

Foreign Restaurant Company Registration

Foreigners can also be able to register their restaurant businesses in Kenya. However, there are several options that a foreigner can be able to choose from when forming their company.

Here are four ways of setting up a foreign company as shown below;

  • Register a Foreign Company with a Kenyan Partner as Director
  • Register a Foreign Company with Nominee Director
  • Opening a Branch of an Existing Foreign Company
  • Register a Foreign Company Fully Owned by Foreign Nationals
  • Acquire an Existing Company Previously Owned by Kenyans

You can read further details about the step by step guide for foreign company registration.

Are You Ready? Register Your Company Today!

We are excited that you want to register your limited company and we are happy to get everything started so you can start trading soon. Here are the step by step guide on how we will assist you to register your limited company;

Step 1: Pricing Plans

You will need to select which registration package you prefer;

  • Lite Plan – Ksh. 20,000 – Includes Company Name Search, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, CR12 Letter only.
  • Premium Plan – Ksh. 40,000 – Includes Company Name Search, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, CR12 Letter, Company KRA PIN, VAT Registration, Tax Compliance Certificate Registration, Lipa Na Mpesa Account Registration, Business Cash Advance Facility, Masterpass QR Registration, Website Design, SSL Certificate for Website, Domain Name (.COM or .CO.KE), Web Hosting (10GB Disk Space), Unlimited Company Email Accounts, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Letterhead Design and Business Consultancy.

Step 2: Requirement Form

Please download and fill this Requirement Form below with your information.

Click on this link to download the Company Registration Requirements Form [Word Version, 3 Pages, Size: 19.7KB]

Step 3: Registration Order

Once you complete your company requirement form, you will need to upload it on the registration order below and submit your order.


Please only fill this registration order if you have your payment and requirements ready to begin your company registration today.

Nameyour full name
Phoneyour phone no.
Company Name Suggestionmore details
0 /
Registration Datedate to begin registration
Requirementsupload your documents
Click Here To Upload Your Requirements Form

by submitting your order for company registration, you agree to our terms of service


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