How To Apply For Alien ID Card In Kenya

Alien ID Card Kenya

Alien ID Card is a document for foreign nationals which enables them to have an ID recognized by Kenyan government institutions and gives access to services such as KRA PIN and applying for work permit, opening a business bank account, applying for Company KRA PIN, making tax returns and many more.

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Looking For Work Permit In Kenya, Check This Out

Work Permit In Kenya

There are different types or classes of work permits available in Kenya. For business owners who have registered their companies in Kenya and are looking to work in Kenya, they will need to apply for Class G work permit which is valid for two (2) years and subject to renewal.

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EazzyApp Review: How It Works


Equity Bank has been known to be a pacesetters when it comes to innovative banking solutions. They seems to be listening to its customers by making radical changes to its banking structures so to improve customer experience.

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Equity Bank Makes Banking Easy With EazzyBanking


As a businessman, I am always on the lookout for solutions that will make my business operations more efficient and more effective. I was cautiously optimistic to find out what new banking solutions were on offer from Equity Bank on their recent launch of EazzyBanking.

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Kenya Attracts Asian Healthcare Giant


Columbia Asia, one of the largest and fastest-growing healthcare companies in Asia, is expanding its operations to Africa to serve the rising demand from the continent’s middle class for affordable, modern and efficient healthcare facilities.

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