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After registration of a company, every business at this stage should know how to get started in trading. Well, not many businesses tend to get it right the first time. We made so many mistakes running our businesses and also gain so much experiences along the way.

Hence why we have created an online membership system that will enable you to identify your customer, create your product/service, setting up your customer service platform and most importantly building a strong cashflow structure.

Are you ready to start? Here are the four (4) sessions that we will cover!

I) Know Your Customer

In this session, we will be looking to identify your customer for your business. It is important to understand who your customer is before you start selling your product/service. We will cover things such as income level, location, age group, type of market (niche market, mass market). It is crucial to understand the problems that your customers are going through before providing your solutions (product/service).

  • Identify The Problems: The first step of knowing your customer, is to understand what kind of problems that they are undergoing through
  • Identify The Solutions: Once you know the problems that your customers are experiencing, you will need to work on solutions for it
  • Find Your Market: You’ll need to find your market where you will be selling your products or services; niche market, mass market
  • Identify Your Customer: To understand your customer better, you will need to know their spending pattern, income level, location

II) Product & Services

In this session, we will guide you through the stages that you will need to go through from preparation stage to launching your product. We will cover the preparation, development, pricing, testing, analysis and of course launching your products or services.

  • Designing Your Product/Service: The first step in designing your product or service is to create a master outline that will guide you in the development
  • Pricing Your Product/Service: You will need to explore the price that your customer is willing to pay to get your product/service before setting one
  • Testing Your Product/Service: Test how customers will respond to a new product/service without investing large sum in developing the full product/service
  • Launch Your Product/Service: Now that your product/service is ready for the market. Here are some effective ways to launch your product/service

III) Customer Service

In this session, we will look at ways of building a good customer service for your business from handling pre/post sales inquiry through Knowledgebase, FAQs, Phone Support, Email Support, Help Center.

  • Customer Engagement: You’ll learn about tools (Landing Page, Sales Page, Mailing List) that can help you customers to engage your product/service
  • Communication Channels: We will look at how to setup an effective communication system that will improve your communication with your customer
  • Customer Support: Build an online self-service customer care that can help your business handle customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Customer Analytics: It is important to measure your customer satisfaction, set your benchmark and track the time it takes to respond to customer

IV) Cash Flow

In this session, we will be looking at building strong cash flow structure for your company. Cash flow is the heart beat of your business. You will be trained on how to setup your cash inflows, cash outflows, invoicing (payment terms, purchase orders), savings (for rainy day, planning ahead), refunds policy, paying suppliers (build good reputation with suppliers), chasing payment from customers (customer fails to pay, when all else fails).

  • Cash flow Forecast: Cash flow is the heart beat of any business. Learn how you can prepare your cash flow forecast for your business
  • Invoicing: It is crucial to have an billing system that you can use to inform your customer about the payment terms, refund policy
  • Paying Suppliers: Building a good reputation with suppliers is important for your business, as this will allow you to get supplies on credit
  • Getting Paid: If customer fails to pay, learn what to do when all else fails

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Join us today!


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