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What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Every entrepreneur has a motivation need or driver as start, run and grow their businesses to success.

As I was reading The Maxwell Leadership Bible by John Maxwell. He mentions of a scholar called David McClellan who identified three main motivations, or “drivers,” that people exhibit in their work. According to McClellan, each person generally has a primary driver, and perhaps another driver as their backup.

One driver is achievement. Achievers like to perform, to finish a task. Getting across the goal line is what satisfies them.


Another driver is affiliation. Every entrepreneur who has affiliation as a driver tends to put emphasis on belonging to a group and relating well to others. They’re “people people,” and they want everybody to be happy.


The third driver is influence. Influencers seek to have power over whatever situation they’re in. They like things their way. Status is important to them. For them, the name of the game is control.


To work well with other entrepreneurs, John Maxwell advises that it helps to know what motivations “make them tick”

Do you find any of the three to be your main motivation need or drivers in your entrepreneurship journey? Or do you have another motivation that is not mentioned above. Please share with us in the comment section below!

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