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How To Reserve A Business Name In Kenya

Before starting your business, it is essential to reserve your company name.

Are you planning to start your business in the future or simply have business idea that you would like to start? It is recommended you protect your business name by reserving it.

So where do you start! Well, here is a step-by-step guide on how to begin the process of reserving your business name;

Step 1: Writing A Business Name Search Request

The Company Registry under Attorney General requires all applicant to request for the name in a professional manner. Gone are the days where you would simply write the names on piece of paper. So what do i have to do next? Since Fenesi loves entrepreneurs so much, it has provided a downloadable Business Name Search Letter Template for FREE! This should save your time and money.

Download Business Name Search Letter Template – Microsoft Word – 22KB


Step 2: Deliver Letter to Company Registry

As soon as you finish with the letter request, you will need to take it to the Company Registry, near Sheria House, Harambee Avenue.

Click Here For Google Map Directions To Company Registry 


Step 3: Pay for Name Search

You will be required to make payment of the amount Ksh. 100 per name


Step 4: Processing of Business Name Search

Currently, It usually takes 2-3 days for the name search to be processed.


Step 5: Extending Your Business Name Reservation

Once you pick up your name search, you will be required to sign the blue form that will be attached on your application in order to activate the reservation of the business name for 30 Days.

Remember, if you feel like the 30 Days is not enough for you to register your business name. You can request for an extension for your business name for longer period at the Company Registry in order to allow you more time to register or complete your company registration.

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After you have reserved your company name, you will be able to block any other entrepreneur from registering similar company name as long as the reservation period is still valid.


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  1. hello.. u’ve been helpful.
    Explain this though,
    “You can request for an extension for your business name for longer period at the Company Registry in order to allow you more time to register or complete your company registration.”
    I have reserved the business name but haven’t registered yet. is the extension available online too?


    Am an Esat african from Uganda .
    I would like to know how to reserve my Business Name and how to register my Company in Kenya.
    Thank You,

  3. Hello, I did a business name search on ecitizen, later i got a reply saying RESERVED. what does that mean?

  4. i have a problem, i did my business name search n forgotten one letter in that name n its the name am proud of….what do i do? the name is xtreme tradelinks logistics so i placed it as xtreme tradelink logistics forgettin letter S in link coz its supposed to b in plural LINKS

    • On ecitizen it is not possible to make changes to a name search that you have performed. Unless you contact eCitizen and find out if they can make the changes for you, subject on the business name availability.

  5. Benjamin D. Mumba

    This information is very useful but i have heard comments on citizen radio of how you can reserve and pay for registration through Mpesa. Is it possible for you to provide me with details of the process? thank you.

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