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How To Apply For KRA PIN Foreign Limited Company

Are you looking to start a Foreign Limited Company in Kenya? Well, you need to be aware that you are required to have Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN for at least two (2) company directors in order to avoid problems when applying for your foreign company’s KRA PIN.

KRA PIN is very crucial document that allows your company to open bank account, make tax returns, apply for government tenders, tax compliance purposes and many others. As you can see it is a very important document that can’t be ignored.

Now, if you are planning to register your foreign company, then it is advisable to include at least two Kenyan citizen who need to both have KRA PIN individually. This will make it easier to apply for the KRA PIN for the foreign company and also the tax compliance certificate if you intend to apply for Government tenders.

However, if that’s not possible, then you will need to make sure that at least two of the non-resident directors apply for KRA PIN individually.

The requirements needed for non-resident to apply for KRA PIN can be found below;

1. Original Passport
2. Introduction Letter from Employer/Lawyer (if any)
3. Application for Alien ID – application can be done at Ministry of Immigration
4. Work Permit – can be applied through the Ministry of Immigration
5. Acknowledgement Receipt (from KRA) – Once you apply for KRA PIN using iTax system, you will be issued with an acknowledgement receipt from KRA.

Once you have all the documents and have applied through the iTax system, you will be able to get your KRA PIN through your email within 10 working days or less. However, if you encounter any challenges with getting your KRA PIN, you can visit your tax station indicated on the Acknowledgement letter from KRA.

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  1. Thanks for this info. I am not a resident or a Kenyan national and I want to set up a trading company with import licencing in Kenya. My partner is a national but he told me as a non resident I CANNOT obtaim a pin number so as to be added to the company as a Director. Is this true?
    He says I need to be added as an investor.
    Please advise.

    • Simon, you can register a limited company as a single director if you have Alien ID Card, which is equivalent to a Kenyan ID. Then you can use the alien ID to apply for your personal KRA PIN which will enable you to register a limited company as the only director.

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