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Company KRA PIN

How To Obtain Your Company KRA PIN

KRA PIN for Limited Company is a crucial document that all limited companies must obtain for business operations. Without it, you can’t be able to open a business bank account, tax returns will not be possible, you won’t be able to apply for Government Tenders/Contracts without it.

To start off the registration process for company PIN, you will need to have the following;

i) Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
ii) Memorandum (Form CR2), but this is optional
iii) iTax KRA PIN for one of the company directors
iv) Company Details & Directors details will be required, such as physical address, company email address, company phone number etc.

After the submission of your details on iTax system, KRA will issue you with an email that will contain the login details for accessing the iTax system and also your company PIN (PDF Version) will be attached to the email. If you don’t receive your company PIN once it has been registered, you’ll need to check your spam folder just in case it went there.

Photo Courtesy of Kenya Revenue Authority


  1. How can I obtain a kra pin for a new company,
    Things like the process and the fee
    Thank you.

  2. Where do you submit the forms, at KRA Offices orc uduma centre’s

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  4. Need to confirm my company pin.

  5. ignatius makutwa

    I need to register for my company kra pin

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