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How Foreign Company Can Acquire Investment License

To start trading using your foreign company in Kenya, you will need to meet the following requirements when applying for the investment license through Kenya Investment Authority;

  1. Details of the applicant – Name of Company, Contact Person, Address, Telephone, E-mail, Legal form of the business Entity (Limited Company, Partnership, Etc.), Country and date of Incorporation. You have to indicate whether the company is new or already in operation.
  1. Location of Business – You will need to propose the location of where your business will be operating. The following details will be required on the application form; Land Registration Number (L.R. No.), Street/ Road, Town, District.
  1. Company Shareholders – List all the name of shareholders, country of residence, address and how much percentage each shareholder own in the company.
  1. Company directors details – name, nationality and address of each of the company directorsPlease note that you need to have the name of the sector that you will be venturing and also the project description details that involves the products or services that you will be selling.
  1. Employment Details – You will be required to list down all the employees who will be working on the company. This includes managerial, skilled, unskilled, and also the total number of expatriate employees.
    You will have to give an explanation of why you need expatriate employee(s) for your company. This is crucial considering that Department of Immigration announced stringent measures to control inflow of expatriates.
  1. Investment and Financing Programme – you will need to give the amount of the fixed cost for Land, Plant and Machinery, Working capital and others the amount.
    Financial Plan – type of financing will need to be indicate as to whether equity or debt and also if they are foreign or local financing.

Click here to Download the investment application form. Once you have filled the form you will need to send it to Kenya Investment Authority on the below address.

Kenya Railways Headquarters,
Block D, 4th Floor, Workshop Road,
Off Haile Selasie Avenue
P.O. Box 55704-00200

That’s it. Once you have submitted to Kenya Investment Authority, they will process the investment license for you the moment your application receives approval.

However, I would recommend that you make frequent follow-ups calls or emails so you can find out the status of your application after you have submitted it.

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