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How To Fill A Business Registration Form (BN/2) For Sole Proprietor

Looking to register a Sole Proprietorship Business in Kenya! Well you will be required to fill your Business Name Registration form (BN/2) after performing a business name search. We have made it easier & simpler for you to understand how to fill BN/2 form.

As you pick the Business Name Search result from Company Registry, next Sheria House, you will be given a BN/2 form from the counter. However, if you are unable to get the physical form you can therefore download it from Dealpoa – Business Registration Service Provider.

How To Fill Business Registration Form (BN/2)

1.  Business name – You will need to insert the approved business name that was carried out during a name search. Make sure it matched with the name on the letter issued to you by Company Registry approving the name for registration.

2. Nature of business – It should be very clear. General words such as “shop” or “retail trade” are not allowed and in case you are doing a kiosk, salon and restaurant under the same name it won’t be approved if you list them under ‘Nature of business’. However, you can upgrade to Limited Liability Company, which will give you more freedom to be able to do various nature of business under the same company.

3. Date of commencement –  You should write down when you believe you will begin your business. It should be noted particularly that a Statement of Particulars can only be lodged after business is begun.

4. Address of the principal place of business – You will be required to fully complete this section with Land Office reference number or Plot number. However, if you don’t have an office since you are simply beginning, you can put your residential address then later apply to change it at the Company Registry.

5. Postal address – You will need to give out your postal address. If you don’t have one, you will need to apply for it in the Posta

6. Address of any other places of business – If you have any company or business branches in the country operating under the same business name, then you will be required to enter their addresses in this section.

7. Particulars of proprietor or partners – If you are planning to run the business alone, then you will need to fill in your information as indicated.

If the proprietor or a partner is a corporation, the name if the corporation should be given in the first column, the country in which it was incorporated in the second column and the address of the registered office (or in the case of a foreign company, the name and address of the person authorized to accept service) in the sixth column; the other columns should be left blank. In the case of individuals, the age must be given in the fourth column; the words “full age” are not sufficient. Any person who has changed his name must give all former names, unless the change occurred before he attained the age of two years. Usual place of residence (in column 6) must show: locality, land office, plot and section number, or house number where applicable. Source: Company Registry

Signature – Once you have finished filling the form, you will be required to sign it at the back page.

The statement must be signed by the proprietor or by all partners as the case may be. A director or the secretary can sign for a corporation which is the proprietor or a partner. Where the statement is not signed by all partners, the Statutory Declaration printed alongside must be made before a Magistrate or Commissioner for Oaths, by one of the signatory partner – Source: Company Registry

You will be required to pay Ksh. 800 for the BN/2 form submission at the Cash Counter.

Now you are ready to start your business and create your financial freedom.

Here Is To Your Success!

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  1. Is the BN2 form completed manually or electronically?

    Kind regards.

  2. Hi? i have been trying to register my business but every time i send my application I receive a correction INDICATE ROAD. how am i supposed to indicate the road on the portal?


  4. what can i do? i get an error message saying the address format is invalid at the step 1 of registering a private limited company

  5. Good work for your insight… well inspired, greatfull thumps up

  6. HI iam joseph i am registering a business i have done name search wich is succesful i have complited the information required . now how do i pay to get the form bn 2 to fill and upload to get my certificate

  7. i am unable to acces BN2 form

  8. HI MY NAME IS MERCY I WANT TO OPEN A BABY SHOP PLZ GET IN TOUCH VIA MY EMAIL ADRESS mercy.koskei13@gmail.com we talk more thanks

  9. How do I register a business name under a Church which is registered as a society? Do I apply as a sole proprietor then Enter the church name and then enter the details of the Board of Directors? Thanks

  10. Pls I would like to keep in touch through WhatsApp, any contact? Secondly, if you’ve an agent in kisumu city.

  11. hey. I was told that my nature of business is too general. so what should I include incase I want to be a general supplier

  12. i want to register a business name do i have to remit nil tax returns monthly or there is no need?

    • If your KRA PIN has VAT obligation enabled, you will be required to make return on monthly basis before 20th of every month.

      However, for annual returns, you will just simply do your personal returns before June 30th or at the end of your business financial year.

  13. hi.how long does it take after registration for my certificate to be out (agribusiness) and is there any extra fee i am to pay when collecring the certificate?

  14. I want to register a business name ,that entail supplying of office equipment,e.g computer accessories ,water,n so .how do I fill on its business nature

  15. Hello Mr. Enock. i recently filled a BN2 on Ecitizen but it was rejected on grounds that i need to enter the nature of the business since it is under “others” type of business. Kindly explain a bit further on what exactly to fill on that part. Thank You.

    • When registering a business name (sole proprietor or partnership) you will need to put only one specific nature of business such as; real estate, construction, information communication technology.

      Please note that Limited company allows unlimited nature of business.

  16. HI. This is excellent information. God bless all your efforts. I wanted to know if I will require my Kenyan ID for this??

    • Not really, but you will need to fill your details on the form that is accurate as displayed on your ID. You will use the business registration certificate to open bank account using your ID and the details need to match up.

  17. You have good infor here, i used to wonder why we still need company secretaries when registering but in companies they actually play a different role. http://inc.co.ke/blog/the-job-of-a-company-secretary-in-a-private-limited-company.html

  18. hey, you have an error in your hyperlink to the Attorney General’s website. please correct it

  19. wanted to have my business registered. ave got all the information here. thanks Kiprono.

    • We hope you were assisted on the matter of business registration process

      • Greetings,
        How long does it take after the restrations for the certificate to be ready,that is if you have just registered a Security Services business(soleproprietor).Thanks.

        • It depends on how quick the Company Registry submit the document to NSIS for vetting and approval. Usually Security business registration usually requires NSIS to vet the owners of the security business before the Company Registry can handover the certificate. It can take up-to 6 months (subject to the workload of Company Registry & NSIS).

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