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EazzyApp Review: How It Works

Equity Bank has been known to be a pacesetters when it comes to innovative banking solutions. They seems to be listening to its customers by making radical changes to its banking structures so to improve customer experience.

With the recent launch of EazzyBanking by Equity Bank, one of the products that stands out from my perspective is the EazzyApp for many reasons that I will explain in this article.

For far too long, we have been subjected to bureaucratic banking processes in which has led to an increase on time wastage for customers in carrying out simple transactions such as depositing your money, withdrawing funds, transferring funds, customer enquiry etc.

The other limitation with the banking sector in Kenya is that banks are only for certain period during the day. For most people that doesn’t work since they are either working or doing business activities during that time. Making it even harder to perform routine transactions at their bank branches.

But this mobile app is changing everything. It is giving more control to the users to manage their finances and transaction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no limitations at all. Here is my experience with the EazzyApp;

Getting started

To begin, I went to the Google Play Store and searched for the ‘EazzyBanking’ App since my phone is on android platform. For iPhone users, you can find it on the App Store. After installing the app, I managed to open it and I encountered four options to choose from;

  • First option is for customers who already have Equitel mobile number and m-banking PIN.
  • Second option is for existing customers who already have their Debit card number & Card PIN
  • Third option is for Equity Bank Hapo Hapo account holder(s)
  • Last option is for new customer who do not have an Equity Bank Account.


I selected the last option since I had not banked with Equity Bank before. The EazzyApp requested for my legal name, national ID number and my mobile number and once I submitted them, an equity bank account was created immediately and I received a text message shortly indicating my new bank account number.


I was impressive, it took literally seconds to open bank account with Equity Bank on the EazzyApp. That’s an experience I have not felt before and I was amazed how fast it was done without the need for me to got to the bank to fill endless paperwork.


Cyber threat is ever so real in this 21st century. It counts as one of the biggest challenge that online and mobile banking faces. Equity Bank seems to have invested heavily on security infrastructure to give their customers peace of mind while making transactions via the EazzyApp platform. Equity Bank had acquired a global security certification and it’s partnership with Global Security Operation Centre (GSOC) will offer its customers with real-time internal and external threats detection and cyber defense 24/7.

Banking Without Borders 

Equity Bank has made it possible for money to be sent across all networks and banks using this app, removing the existing boundaries that used to prevent people from doing their transactions efficiently.

Seamless Payment

Pay bills, transfer funds and buy goods – This app also allows you to pay your bills, transfer funds and paying for goods. You can also pay school fees or make purchases without first passing by the branch to make a large withdrawal.


Enjoy freedom, choice and control – Self service banking is something everyone should have and EazzyApp provides that. It enables you to check your balance without having to go to an atm or branch. Gives great freedom and control of your money.


The app is integrated to your phone contact list which enables you to easily send money to your family, friends or relatives by simply selecting the recipient from your phone contact list.

Future Improvements

With any product, there is always room for improvements. After reviewing the app, I noticed some few improvements that Equity Bank could work. Some few users have complained that they haven’t been able to receive their PIN after registering an account on the EazzyBanking platform. While others haven’t been able to login with the PIN that was been provided after registration.

Also there is a need for Equity Bank to provide a link or platform for a knowledgebase where customers can get support or find answers to frequently issues and be able to know how to resolve it.

The good thing with every mobile app is that, the developers can fix any bugs or improve on the features and then provide an update for its users on the App Store or Google Play Store. I believe that EazzyApp will keep getting better and better as long as Equity Bank continue to listen to its customers feedback as they have already proved with the launch of this App.

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