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Why You Need To Start A Side Business While Working

Reasons Why You Should Start a Side Business While Working.

Many people whom I have had an opportunity to interact with have been thinking about quitting their job to start working for themselves. I always believe that employees have some dreams which don’t have anything to do with staying in your current job. Some of my friends have expressed that they want a feel of control in their lives and they believe having a business will give them more freedom as suppose to working for someone else

I know it is a hard decision to make especially taking into consideration that you can’t just walk out of your job and just hoping that everything will go well. I understand that most people love the benefits that comes with employment such as steady income. I would like to suggest that starting a side business while still working could bring more benefits to you than you think. Here’s how you can do it;

Acquire New Skills

After working hours, don’t just leave early from your job just because you either want to bit the traffic jam or get home early so you can watch your favourite TV show. You can stay behind at work and learn some new skills using such FREE resources like YouTube Channel.

I know you might not believe this example because I also couldn’t believe it the first time he told me. Well I have a friend whom taught himself a new skill of driving a truck using YouTube videos. Now he works for himself driving his own truck around the country transporting goods. So you can do the same (I don’t mean learn how to drive a truck) but I think you get the point. You need to pursue the skills that you’re passionate about and eager to learn such as painting, computer repair, bakery, translator, resume writing, business plan writing, internet marketing, web designing/editing, social media management, tutoring, graphic designing, content writer, photography. Most of this skills can be learnt at the comfort of your office or work with the resources available online.

Increase Your Money in the Bank

Most employees find themselves having less money due to many commitments they have such as paying rent or mortgages, supporting relatives, paying school fees, paying car loans, or just even trying to save more, the list is endless. Have you ever felt bad when you try and negotiate with your boss a pay hike in your salary or promotion just in order to make ends meet. Well I truly believe that having a side business can increase your bank balance.

Turn Your Passion To Income

Let me start with an example of passion for cars. If you are passionate about cars, then you need to get a blog and start writing niche articles and publishing car reviews and press release in your blog. You can be able to write articles after work or during the weekend. Then you can use Google AdSense or direct advertisement as income source once you’ve gained traffic. You could also look for other people to partner with whom have the same passion and would like to write for Free!

Have you ever run your own small business? We’d love to hear your tips and ideas in the comments!

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