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Why You Need To Start A Business

Starting your own business could be one of the single best decision you can ever make. Why do I say that, well here are some  reasons why you need to start a business are explained;

Why You Need To Start A Business Today?

Asset – Building a business is the smartest thing you can ever start because you are building an asset in which you can transfer to your family.

Ownership – When building a business, you own everything you build under your company. However, an employee can work hard in building something in which they can’t never own. The worst thing is that the job can’t be pass or transfered to the family or children, but in business one can do that.

Control – The economy at the moment in the world is not favourable. Every time we read the newspaper, we tend to see retrenchment or downsizing in corporation. An employee can get fired at any time. Today we have Merges and Acquisitions when another company buys another company. So you could be a great employee but the Company which buys your Company can fire you.

Productivity – In employment, you can work overtime many times and try to be productive and in doing so you try to convince people to pay you 10 times more. Whereas in Business your productivity always pays off.

Ideas – Entreprenuers tend to get rewards from their businesses when they come up with ideas, but in employment the employees ideas are taken advantage by the corporation they work for and sometimes no one gets rewarded for it just a simple paycheck at the end of the month.

Skills – Business gives opportunities to gain skills that you won’t get in school.

Rewards – Last but not least, the journey in entrepreneurship leads to financial freedom whereas employment is based on pay check to pay check.

It’s true that you can also get many of these things from a job like skills, rewards, experience. However, if you want “financial freedom” in your life, business is the way to go. In self-employment, you can have freedom to control your schedule on when to get to work, learning experience, doing what you love and passionate about, having fun while you are at it.

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