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Why Entrepreneurship Is The Way To Go In Rift Valley

Having recently interacted with people from various counties in Rift Valley, I have come to believe we have so many potential entrepreneurs whom can build the next Safaricom, Nakumatt. When I ask some of them about starting a business, they associate it with financial risks and struggle.

I can’t blame them because I was also in the same boat and used to complain about the risks a business entails and also fear of failure was my greatest enemy. Yes, Business is risky in so many ways and very difficult to operate. However I believe that by not starting a business is actually even more risky.

Why Business Is The Way To Go!

Let me explain my point, when it comes to business, you are actually building a business which is your passion. The ownership of the business is entirely yours and you can transfer it through succession plan to your children and family. It brings financial freedom in your life and adds more freedom in controlling your own schedule on when to get to work, learning experience, doing what you love and having fun while you are at it. The benefits are endless!

Untapped Potential of Rift Valley!

I believe that we have so much untapped potential in Rift Valley which has so many potential entrepreneurs whom have not yet realized that they hold the power to become employers and owners of business empires.

Entrepreneurship is about solving the problems of society, not starting a business for one’s own sake

Rift Valley has so many problems and complex social issues which can be an opportunity for many entrepreneurs to address them by starting businesses that brings solutions to the communities. This companies tend to prosper because it creates a meaning to the community and gain a lot of popularity because it is not driven by profits, instead it is concerned to solving problems. Profits are secondary!

Businesses Opportunities in Rift Valley!

When I was in Bomet County, I saw huge untapped potential in Brick Making. It doesn’t really require a lot of capital to start (as long as you work smart), right skill can be acquired and partnership with Ministry of Housing. You don’t have to purchase a Hydra form machine which can cost up-to Ksh. 4,000,000, instead you can visit the Housing ministry to book a hydraform machine to assist in making the bricks for commercial purpose and actually sell it to other counties. Another option is to partner with NGOs like BIRD Initiative, whom can assist in arranging in training on how to use Hydra form machine.

Image Courtesy of Hydraform.com

Honey Business in Baringo County Get Boost!

Just recently the Ministry of Livestock approved a budget to build a Slaughterhouse and Honey Factory in Baringo County. As entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector, one can take advantages of the development and create value addition on some of the products like the Honey. One can brand the honey as “Sweet-as-honey” and start marketing it for Free through social media.

I believe that even Kenya has so many potential entrepreneurs whom can make that decision to stand out and enter the entrepreneurial world.

All potential entrepreneurs should not be afraid to start small. Its where you are heading that really counts.

Entrepreneurs journey begins by dreaming BIG. I truly believe that you have the potential power in you to actually build BIG businesses like Safaricom in the newly created county government. Why not! The ground has been leveled cause time & chance happen to us all. Remember that dreaming BIG is FREE! So the Big question is, what will your county lack because you fail to live out your full potential?

Images Courtesy of A Kale Would Say

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