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How To Use Creative Methods In Naming Your Business

One of the biggest headache that all entrepreneurs face while starting their business is choosing a name. This process can be very stressful process and discouraging especially when you make suggestions that currently not available at the Company Registry.

Most entrepreneurs have gone through this process unless they hired a consultant to assist. Some entrepreneurs including myself reached a point of almost giving up.

Using Creativity In Choosing Your Business Name

Well, I will give you a small tip that helped to come up with my business name for my first company (Infoken – Web Hosting Company).

I wanted to start a company that will empower business online through web hosting services. So I looked for keywords that will define the nature of my business. But all I could come up with at that point was “Informing Kenyans”.

I couldn’t name my business name Informing Kenya Solutions Ltd, that would be a mouthful. Remember before coming up with a business name, just imagine it being announced on a radio, do you think it will be remembered by listeners or simply forgotten?

So I decide that I needed a shorter name that is easy to pronounce and easy to remember. So I shorten my business name to;

Information + Kenya = Infoken

Innovative Ways of Naming Your Business

Another formula of coming up with a business name that has a higher probability of being approved by Company Registry during name search process is to try and make it as unique as possible.

A great example is the company name “Unaitas Sacco“, some of you might already know about it. Well, their main goal is about “You & Me” to unite with a common interest of developing financially. I believe the name Unaitas is deprived from “You Unite Us”. Now that’s creativity and the chances of that name available for registration is very high.

Business Name Trademark & Copyrights

Once you come up with your unique business name, you will need to research all the trademarks and copyrights possibly associated with your business name before you proceed to register it. This could save you a great deal of time & avoid lawsuits.

However in Kenya, it is so difficult to confirm whether your potential business names has trademark or copyrights by another company when you go to Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI). You will require to perform a name search with them at a cost of Ksh. 3,000, which is very expensive.

Here is to Your Success in Naming Your Business!

About Enock Kiprono

Enock Kiprono is the founder of Fenesi.com & Dealpoa.com. He loves to connect with entrepreneurs that are success driven, passionate, action-taking whose goal is to make a difference in the business world!

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  1. Thank you so much Enock,
    You have opened up my eyes and I’m really grateful.
    My question is,where do I get the various forms mentioned especially when I’m down to registering the company’s name,that’s after the name search,oh!even when applying for the name,is it just a letter I send to the registrar’s office,or are there specific forms for this purpose?and how do I get them?
    Thanks again .

    • Hello Phoebe, If you are planning to perform a name search, all you need to do is write a letter containing your name suggestions and submit it to Huduma Center for processing and you will be required to pay for the name search at around Ksh. 150.

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