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Do You Have 8 Integrity of Entrepreneurship In Your Business?

Robert Kiyosaki points out that 8 Integrity of Entrepreneurship is required to be implemented in all businesses which wants to grow from being a small business to BIG business (500+ employees). So the BIG question which most of us will be asking ourselves is how do we structure our businesses to have more than 500+ employees. That’s a good question! Well, the answer is finally here;

Mission: It is very important that you get a Spiritual Mission for your business. Your company has to have a meaning to the clients/customers that you are targeting and not just making money. The spiritual mission of a company acts as the foundation of the business. It has to be firm and also it is the reason for existence. Most businesses usually set their mission statements to outline what they do rather than why they do it. As an entrepreneur, you must make sure you don’t confuse the two. Fenesi’s Spiritual Mission: Empowerment Equals Prosperity!

Team: Teams represent power. Let’s be sincere, its hard to run a business as an individual. Team is more important than the individual. Most successful businesses have always attributed its success because of a strong and united teams they have.

Leader: Leaders are role models. Leadership is earned. It is earned through trust, respect, experience, and competence.

Product: A product without a strong B-I triangle behind it will probably not be a successful product. When coming up with your products, make sure that you have your Mission put in place first then come up with great products.

Legal: Every business needs lawyers. Lawyers and laws are important in protecting your product and the rest of your B-I triangle.

Systems: A business is a system of systems. It needs systems that operates efficiently & effectively. It needs professionals to operate it.

Communication: A business needs strong sales, PR, marketing, web & HR communications. Information Technology is essential to businesses today.

Cash flow: A business must have accurate & clear accounting. A business with poor accounting systems is a poor company, hence you need an accountant.

If you set up the above structures for your Business, then you’ll be on your way in building a BIG Business (500+ Employees according to Forbes).

Which of the above 8 Integrity of Entrepreneurship do you think is most important in your business?

Here Is To Your Success!

Image & Content Courtesy of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad

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