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3 Easy Steps To Finding Your Business Office Space

Looking for a business office can be a tedious task for any entrepreneur. I usually get this question on Fenesi.com by our readers who want to start their business and are looking for a business premises.

In most cases, I used to refer them to Google to search for themselves since I didn’t know where to refer them to. But that wasn’t solving their problem.

So I decided to embark on the search for a reliable website that I could refer our readers who would like to go to one place where they can do price comparison for office space for their business.

Step 1: Searching for Office Space

I begun by searching on Google to look for potential website that has information on business office space for startups and I found OLX as shown below.

OLX Rental Business Office
Step 2: Visiting OLX Kenya website

After opening that link, I was able to see a huge number of offices available for renting and I knew this is the right place for start-ups to find the right business premises based on their budget.

list of Business office

OLX also has a feature that allows you to sort the search results by prices. So you can either choose “Lowest Price First” or “Highest Price First”.

Step 3: Identify & Contact Seller

In some few minutes, you are able to identify potential affordable office space based on your budget and you can be able to view the description of the office location, price, owner, contact details. OLX has made it possible for you to contact the seller either by phone or email.

office space

After contacting the seller, you are advised as a Buyers to try to meet at a safe, preferably a public location. You will need to check the office space before you pay for rental.

Last but not least, only pay after reading through the lease rental agreement and verifying that the seller is the owner of the business premises.

Here is to your success in finding the right business premises for your company

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Enock Kiprono is the founder of Fenesi.com & Dealpoa.com. He loves to connect with entrepreneurs that are success driven, passionate, action-taking whose goal is to make a difference in the business world!

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