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Venture Capitalists Warming Up To Kenya Entrepreneurs

Venture Capitalists are looking to invest in Kenya Businesses.

Many Kenyans are opting to go the entrepreneurial way with a huge percentage coming from employed people. The challenges most entrepreneurs face when starting their businesses is Working Capital.

Getting capital has been an uphill task for most entrepreneurs. Banks loans has been difficult for entrepreneurs to get because of so many requires such as collateral and also due to high and unfavourable interest rates.

More entrepreneurs have opted to instead pitch their business ideas to venture capitalists. Selling your idea to an investor is usually not an easy task, but not impossible. You just have to be confident with your product or service.

During a past event dubbed Tandaa Tech Ideas Funding Challenge at iHub, some entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch their business ideas, one thing came clear is that the venture capitalist/angel investors were looking for business ideas that can make the world a better place or just simply make money for them.

Here is a video clip of what happened if you missed it;

Video Courtesy of Kenya ICT Board

As Business Daily The Next BIG Thing competition came to a conclusion, over 3000 business ideas were submitted. This shows that there is a huge potential for Kenya to become an entrepreneurial business hub in East Africa.

In a blog post that i read recently, White African mentioned that Dragon’s Den might be heading to Kenya. Dragon’s Den is BBC (UK) programme that involved entrepreneurs pitching ideas to 5 investors and trying to get investments for their companies.

You can apply to be in Dragon’s Den Nairobi to pitch your business ideas.

Here is a video clip of what Dragon’s Den is all about;

Video Courtesy of BBC Youtube Channel

Success Stories

Ghafla, a local entertainment website pitched their idea to 88mph, a Danish IT investment club, and won 25,000 euros worth of funding, that’s over Ksh. 2,500,000.

Tusqee Systems also won the IPO48 Nairobi competition and were awarded 25,000 Euros for their innovation on Interactive Mobile Messaging System for schools.

Watch more videos of how other entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to venture capitalists on Fenesi TV

Do you have what it takes to pitch your business idea to Venture Capitalists?

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  1. Very insightful, thanks for the great you are doing Enock

  2. Constant Immanuel Adeya

    We need investors to our microfinance company in Kenya. We have over 350000 agribusiness clients. Contact me

  3. Am looking for expansion capital for my liqourstore


    am looking for a start up capital, to invest in horticultural products especially groceries. but my problem is how to get start up. if your company could help me get connected to venture capitalists, I will be so greatfull.
    My interest is in the use of green houses to grow groceries, which are less in the kenyan market today, even with the ready market.

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