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How To Register Tax Compliance Certificate For Sole Proprietor

Are you looking to start doing business with the Kenyan Government? Well, your business needs to have a Tax Compliance Certificate in order to meet the requirements to apply for Government Tenders.

It is possible to do business with Government with a Sole Proprietorship Business. But you will require a Tax Compliance Certificate for your Sole Proprietor Business in order to qualify for the Tender.

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Before you begin the process, you need to make sure you have the following documents with you;

  • ID/Passport – just in case you are requested for it
  • Photocopy of your KRA PIN – you need to make sure that your KRA PIN has been registered online. If you don’t have it already, you can follow this guideline on how to generate your KRA PIN online.
  • Photocopy of your Business Registration Certificate
If you had a previous compliance certificate for your business, you will need to also submit that document as it will assist in the process.

You also need to ensure that all self assessment returns in respect of tax obligations registered for are submitted and all outstanding tax liabilities settled.

What that means is that KRA can only issue Tax Compliance Certificate if your business makes Income Tax Returns every year. If your KRA PIN has VAT TAX obligation activate, then you are required to make returns on 20th of every month.

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  1. I have registered a sole proprietor business name. To register to access government procurement opportunities on AGPO portal, I note one need to attach Tax Compliance Certificate. Is this the certificate for the new business I have registered or is it my individual PIN no one? In other words, doe a sole proprietor business name requires a separate PIN?

    • According to KRA, Tax Compliance Certificate shall be issued to taxpayers who are compliant with the tax obligations as per the tax laws. These obligations are:-
      i) Filing of tax returns for the registered tax obligations.
      ii) Payment of the assessed taxes.
      iii) Declaring the correct income.

  2. Hey Fenesi,

    KRA VAT is qualified to those who make a turnover of 5 million. In such a case when ones Company hasn’t reached the estimated turnover. How do you go about it?

  3. How can i apply for VAT on sole proprietorship business?

  4. Hi, My name is Anne.i wish to register my sole proprietor business for VAT and Tax compliance certificate since i want to try a hand in goverment tenders. Kindly advice on how to go about it.I registered my business in 2007 but have never done any business with it. Am i required to file any returns for that period, Please advice. my email adress is kihuithiaanne@gmail.com

  5. I applied for a tax compliance certificate for my ltd company sometimes in April 2014.
    The application was declined due to my tax balance for previous years when I was in employment.
    Last month I cleared all my tax balance,submitted the bank payment slips at Times Tower and re-applied for tax compliance certificate at Forodha House but was told to wait for payment acknowledgement receipt through my e-mail.
    Since then I have not received any communication from KRA. Please help on the way forward

  6. What about a partnership?

  7. Hi I was wondering how long it will take to get a tax compliance certificate after I register a sole proprietorship company

  8. But where to do I submit all these documents? Callcentre?

  9. Livingstone Indetie

    I own a sole proprietorship but I seem to have misplaced the Registration certificate. How can I get the Reg. Certificate Number just by knowing its PIN?

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