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How To Register Alien ID In Kenya

All Foreign Entrepreneurs looking to apply for Personal Identification Number (PIN) from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) must acquire an Alien card first.

Currently, under the KRA’s iTax system, you can’t be able to register KRA PIN using your passport as a foreigner. You must acquire Alien card number from the Department of Immigration.

The process of complying with KRA new iTax system for foreign entrepreneurs looking to register KRA PIN for Individual or Company is not simple. Don’t get me wrong, it is not impossible, but it will require patience.

First, the foreign entrepreneur will require to collect the following requirements that Ministry of Immigration will need to process their Alien card application;

  • You will need to fill the registration of alien card application form
  • You need to have valid travel documents e.g. Kenyan Visa
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • You need to physically go to the Ministry of Immigration for your fingerprint to be carried out

The registration fee is Ksh. 2,000, but I would advice you that you check the Immigration website, just in case there has been any changes on the fees or requirements.

The registration process will take up-to 5 weeks for the card to be issued. Once the Alien card has been issued to you, it will be only valid for 2 years.

In the event you lose your Alien card, you will need apply for a replacement which will cost you Ksh. 2,000. You will also require to fill Form A1 or A2, according to Ministry of Immigration. Your fingerprints will require to be done again and you will be requested to have 2 passport size photographs.

You can download the document from Ministry of Immigration website for the following forms;

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