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How You Can Get KCB Business Loans For Your Business

The KCB Business Loans offer quick and convenient access to cash for your business needs.

This type of loan has several benefits that it can add to your business such as;

  • Working capital
  • Expansion of business
  • Acquisition of equipment

Your business can get up to Ksh. 20 million under KCB Business loan and it has competitive interest rates. KCB Business Loans also provides flexible loan repayments and secured loans

So you might ask yourself, is my business eligible for this loan. Well, you will need to provide the following requirements in order to successfully secure this loan;

  • Documentary evidence of your requirement for a facility, such as Pro-forma invoices, project feasibility study.
  • To complete a simple loan application form.

That’s it, now you are equipped to expand your business through this financing option

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  1. I will like apply loan of 10000 boost my business returning within 5 months

  2. How are you?how do i get and how long does it take

  3. Sheila Gwazima speke

    Hallo, I need a loan to fund my business,I can repay in a duration of 1year or less..thank you

  4. I will like to apply for loan to start a business and pay it successfully kindly approved me

  5. Am winter id no 27873478 I need 10,000 to open a business and willing to pay within 5 months.

  6. I need money to boast my business

  7. that’s so great, I need a start loan for business

  8. I Need A Loan To Expand My Small Business. How Can I Find You And The Requirements Please?

  9. Hi am planning to start a personal business by august am would wish to be loaned by you and advised on how to run the business

  10. hi i need a loan to fund my business and i can repay it succesfuly in less than six months

  11. hi i need a short term loan to fund my business ugerntly,l can succesfuly repay in a period of less than six months

  12. Hi i would like to apply for loan Kindly let me know where you are situated terms and condition for the loan required.

  13. I am so delighted helping people who are in need.
    Be informed that i am honestly willing to help you with your requested
    loan and the loan i offer to people is a low interest rate of 3% which
    is very affordable.My aim is to help you with your requested loan to
    help solve your situation.A repayment terms will be figured out for
    the repayment of the loan and i want you to know before you can be
    granted this loan,you have to be above 18 years of age and also you
    have to be honest and co-operative. And we provides a number of
    financial assistance programs for small businesses including personal
    mortgage loans, home loans, car loans, company loans, start up
    business Loans.


    Your Full Name:
    Loan Amount:
    Loan Duration:
    Phone Number:
    Monthly Income:
    Specific date you need the loan :
    Purpose of Loan :
    Monthly Income:

    NOTE:This are needed before we can proceed with
    the transaction of the loan okay.


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