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How To Use Periscope To Grow Your Business

Periscope is a live-streaming app that allows users to capture and share videos in real time. The app is available for iOSs and Android users and allows one to connect with different audiences through public or private streams.

With over 10 million users, the platform allows the world to go behind the scenes across various events that may be inaccessible to many people.

As a business owner, it’s worth noting the ways that Periscope can be beneficial to your business.

  1. Tutorials and Q&A: One of the best ways to keep current and potential customers interested in your brand is to provide an opportunity for them to pose as many questions and interact with the people behind the brand or company. One of these ways is to hold a weekly or fortnightly Q&A session where specific questions about a recently launched product or service are discussed.
  2. Bring events to life: Periscope can help to amplify an event that your company is hosting beyond the power of images and post-event videos. You could be launching a product or service and by sharing live-streams of interviews and the event, your customers will feel closer to the event and get to know more about your business offering.
  3. Break through a crowded space: Social media platforms are busy, with brand managers competing to get their messages heard by consumers. To break through the day-to-day, brands need to utilize visual content to shine a light on their message. By featuring both written and visual content on Twitter’s diverse platform brands will catch the eye of browsing users stand-out in the conversation.
  4. Behind the scenes: Being authentic on social media goes a long way in developing strong ties with your customers. In addition to giving an opportunity to answer questions in real time, Periscope also allows you to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at how your business is run. For instance, if you run an event management company, you can give your followers a sneak peek of the set up before a wedding, birthday party or any other major event that you have worked on. If you manufacture and sell products, show your followers how the product is made and delivered to a consumer.

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