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How To Start Your Pasha Centre Business

Ever imagined of owning a cyber cafe? Well Kenya ICT Board project named “Pasha Centre” or popularly known as Digital Village, you can start your very own pasha centre in your own constituency.

How You Can Start Your Pasha Centre

– You will need to apply to Kenya ICT Board.

– Get Training by Appleseeds Academy

– Write a Business Plan

How You Can Finance Your Pasha Centre

Apply for Digital Village Revolving Fund (DVRF) through Kenya ICT Board, applicants will be vetted by Family Bank to select successful applicant who demonstrate that they can be able to operate their pasha centre.

You will be eligible for the loan only if you’ve been issued a certificate by Kenya ICT Board which can only be given once you’ve completed the training. Training will be free!

Once you get the loan through Family Bank, you’ll be required to fully pay it back within 3 years.

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How To Build A Successful Pasha Centre

Most cyber cafe fail to become a successful because they lack some of Robert Kiyosaki’s 8 Intergrities of entrepreneurship. Here they are;

Mission: It is very important that you get a Spiritual Mission for your pasha business. Your Pasha Centre has to have a meaning to the clients/customers in the rural area. Don’t outline your pasha centre mission statement to be all about What You Do, instead it should be about Why You Do It! An example is Fenesi’s Spiritual Mission: Empowerment Equals Prosperity!

Team: Let’s be sincere, its hard to run a pasha centre business individual. Team is more important than the individual. Most successful businesses have always attributed its success because of a strong and united teams they have.

Leader: Your Leadership in your Pasha Centre needs  is earned. It is earned through trust, respect, experience, and competence.

Product: You’ll need products that complements your mission. Like if you want your clients to communicate easily with other Kenyans in Diaspora, then you need to purchase microphone and install Skype in order to allow your customers to talk for Free.

Legal: Every business needs legal. You need to have terms and conditions for using your facilities. You also need to protect your products. For instance, if you create a brand, you will need to protect it by applying for Trademark.

Systems: This is the part where most people get it wrong. It is one of the most important section that can’t be ignored. Your cyber will need systems that operates efficiently & effectively.

Communication: In order to communicate effectively, your Pasha Centre will require strong sales, PR, marketing, web presence & HR communications.

Cash flow: Your pasha must have accurate & clear accounting. You will be able to know if you are making profits or losses if you have good accounting systems in place. This will also help you monitor your repayment plans with Family Bank for your Pasha Centre Loans.

What You Need To Start Your Pasha Centre Today

According to Kenya ICT Board, you will be required to provide the following documents in order to receive the funds;

– National ID (for each applicant)

– KRA PIN Certificate (for each applicant)

– Bank statements

– Certificate of registration for partnerships/ companies

– Certificate of incorporation of limited company

– Audited financial accounts for limited companies

– Management of accounts limited companies

– Six (6) month bank statements for Limited Companies / Partnerships / Individuals

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Here is To Your Success

Photos Courtesy of greenlaunches.com & Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, www.richdad.com

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  1. hae i would like to get into this kind of businness.i love it bwana

  2. Hello,
    I want to put up a cyber cafe in my hostel for use by student residents. I will not charge anything extra for this service, but I want to provide quality service. Please advise on the specs of computers to buy and any other items that may assist the students in doing their research.

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