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register partnership company in kenya

How To Register A Partnership Company In Kenya

For most aspiring entrepreneurs, starting a partnership company is more ideal. It is simple to set up and require less financial requirements.

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Before you begin the process of partnership business registration, you will require to meet the following requirements;

1. Name of Business – (A name search needs to be performed first as part of the registration process.)

2. Nature of business – you will need to explain what your business will be doing in a very short sentence.

3. Address of the principal place of business – (Plot No., Section and Name of Street or Road, Name of Building)

4. Postal Address

5. Address of any other place of business (Branch Office under the above name)

6. Full Names of you and any other partners – (You can also add more names if you are intending to run your business with more than one person)

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Usual place of residence
  • Other business occupation

7. Signature on the document (usually at the back page of the BN2 Form)

8. Copy of ID/Passport for each partner

9. Copy of KRA PIN Certificate for each partner

10. Passport Photo for each partner

That’s it, the registration process will take roughly 3-5 working days to complete based on Company Registry workload and working hours.

We No Longer Offer Partnership Registration Services! 

Here is to your Success in Registering your Business!

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  1. How do I change my sole proprietorship business to a Partnership form of business

  2. I would like to partner in a business with my wife but I don’t know how partner ship deed is prepared for that,kiindly advise.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Just a question.
    I need to register a partnership company that provide aquaculture services.. Does it mean that I must have my academic qualifications?

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