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How To Apply For KCB Boresha Biashara Loan

Entrepreneurs eligible for the loan must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the bank that they have ability to repay the loan.

The borrower may be an individual person operating an informal business or a registered business entity.

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An entrepreneur must have a minimum of one year experience in the business to be financed. For the business to be financed, entrepreneurs must have a regular cash flow to meet Monthly loan repayments.

Loan Categories

i. Working Capital

Working Capital loans available for purchasing stock/raw materials, or paying various operating expenses associated with the business.

ii. Investment Capital

Available for capital investment, primarily purchase of equipment i.e. purchasing fixed assets that will be used in the business over a long period of time.

The financed amount is limited to 80% of the purchase price with the customer contributing 20% of the cost price.

Loan amounts

Minimum Kshs. 5,000
Maximum Kshs. 500,000

Loan Terms/Tenure
The maximum loan tenure for this product is 12 Months graduated as follows;

1st Loan-6 Months
2nd loans –9 months
3rd loan –12 months

Interest Rates
Charged at an annual rate of 18 %* calculated on flat line basis.*Terms and conditions apply
A penalty rate will be charged at an annual rate of 3 % in case of default.

Loan Negotiation Fees
A one off loan negotiation fee charged upfront at 2 % of the loan amount.

Incentive Rebate

The Borrower is entitled to a 10% rebate of interest amount paid if all payments are made as scheduled.

Do you think Boresha Biashara Loan will assist you in financing your business?

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  1. Plz I need loans for 40k in bomet.nilipanda cabbage for 7ares na SAA sina pesa ya kubalilia Mara ya mbili so assist me coz I know I will pay u in 3months only thanks u god bless

  2. I Would Loan 10,000 To Expand My Biz

  3. I am a Kenyan.my ID number is 32279079 I have 2 years of business and its going down.assist me with a loan of 30000 paying back in five months

  4. Am mouline of I’d 31340082 and have been in business for 3 years and I need 100000 to espand my business

  5. susan wanza mweu

    Am a Kenyan citizen I’d no 29122434 my business has 3yrs I need 50,000 to expand my business payable in 6months.I will Keep my word to pay the loan ln time. Thank you.

  6. iam patrick omondi id 9280102 i need a loan to increase my daily productivity as well as my expenditure of cash 150000kshs
    my business has been working for 5years now business name lite enterprise ltd

  7. Am Moses Oyugi and my ID is 32351339
    I have a business and I would like to expand it therefore I wish to request KSH 200000. I hereby hopping for the best

  8. felisters Narosto Mutimba

    I am kenyan citizen my id no. 31958295 my business has 2yrs and need to enlarge pliz I request for 50000 payable within 6months
    please I will be faithful thank you.

  9. I am a Kenyan citizen ID no 23716124 my business has 2yrs and in need to enlarge.plz I request for 20,000 payable within 6months. plz I will be Faithful. thank you.

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