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Company Seals in Kenya

How To Get Company Seal For Your Business

In Kenya, Company Seal is considered a useful stationary for businesses. It is used for contracts, deeds, share certificates and most importantly for setting up subsidiary companies.

In other countries such as United Kingdom (UK), Company Seal is hardly being used by companies. It is however recommended that any company involved in international transactions should use a company seal on official documents as some lawyers won’t recognise legal documents without a company seal.

Here is what you need to know if you are looking to get a company seal in Kenya.

Requirements: All you need to do is provide them a photocopy of certificate of incorporation or business certificate.

Cost: The price range is around Ksh. 3,000 (2-3 working days) – Ksh. 4,200 (1 working day) depends on the type of Seal

Duration: It can take between 1-3 working days depending on how quick you want it. The quicker you want it the more expensive it will cost you.

Here is to your success in getting Company Seal for your business!

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    We need a seal for our church. Is there any difference?



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