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Entrepreneurs Challenged To Turn Waste Into Profit In Kisumu County

The Taka Taka Challenge invites entrepreneurs and startups, as well as experts and professionals from around the world to co-create winning solutions that make profit from waste. A special business plan challenge was launched on Thursday April 9 in Kisumu city, Kenya. The Taka Taka Challenge is an initiative of the Dutch Social Business Incubator in collaboration with technology partner TNO.

Currently only 20% of all the waste in Kisumu is collected. Most of Kisumu’s waste ends up on the streets and in the environment. The situation in Kisumu is urgent: plastic is blocking sewers and waste has a negative effect on people’s health. Waste can also create new chances for entrepreneurs. Existing businesses worldwide have proven that waste can be converted to valuable resources for energy, agricultural resources and raw materials.

Until May 18th, participants can share their ideas on making business from waste on www.takatakachallenge.com. During the challenge, idea-owners receive coaching and support from experts and professionals to develop their idea into a business plan. The most promising ideas are rewarded by a jury with a cash prize purse of 5,000 EUR. To support participating entrepreneurs, winning ideas have a chance to pitch and partner up with the Social Business Incubator to turn the idea into a start-up (with a business development value up to 100,000 EUR; consisting of hands-on business development support and out-of-pocket expenses).

Who can participate?

  • Participants from any nationality
  • Individuals, teams and companies with new ideas
  • Existing innovative waste companies from around the world who are interested to start in Kisumu, Kenya.
  • People who would like to participate by creating and/or supporting other ideas but who are not interested to continue as the entrepreneur themselves.
  • Entrepreneurs without a concept, who are looking for a potential business idea they can develop further to launch in Kisumu, Kenya. You can use the technologies provided by our challenge partner TNO as start of your business model. You can find these ideas under “News”.

Criteria for your business idea that turns waste into profit

You can help Kisumu to be a cleaner, safer and wealthier city by submitting your business idea now! Please note that there are some entry criteria, your idea:

  • Should focus on tackling the solid waste issue in Kisumu (not human/ liquid waste).
  • Has a potential business model that does not rely on donations/ grants.
  • Is new/ innovative for this location, is not yet present in Kisumu.
  • Can be an early-stage idea or already have a worked out business plan.
  • Should be submitted in English.

The jury will focus on the following criteria:

  • Feasibility of the concept (both technical and business model)
  • Potential social and environmental impact of your business solution
  • Scalability/ replicability of the concept to other areas/ countries
  • Cultural embeddedness (fit local circumstances and cultures)
  • Potential financial sustainability
  • Innovativeness
  • Proven experience and capabilities of the entrepreneurial team

Get professional support in launching your business

The Taka Taka Challenges aims to support and develop the most promising business concept into a sustainable and impactful start-up business. The SBI is offering winners of the challenge:
  1. Opportunity to pitch for the SBI Investment committee: Your chance to get business development support to turn your plan into a business! SBI offers development support up to a value of 100,000 euro!
  2. A cash prize of 5,000 euros is available for finalist. Winner takes all or divided amongst finalists is up to the jury to decide.
  3. Access to investors and funders. Through the PR, media and a pitch book you will have the opportunity to make your plans known to the many investors and incubator programs that are out there.
All participants in the challenge get the opportunity to share and develop business ideas and get acces to large network of experts and professionals. A great experience and opportunity to connect with waste management peers from around the world and make your ideas known. Let this be the start of your entrepreneurial journey in waste management. Remember: there are only winners in this game!

The process

The Taka Taka Challenge is built up in four phases in which you collaborate on your business idea together with experts and community members. In the end of each phase, the Selection Committee makes a selection of the most promising ideas to skip to the next round. The phases are:

  • Ideation: Submitting first business ideas. Ideas get enriched by experts and community members. Teams are formed around ideas.
  • Enrichment: A selection of idea owners is prepared to pitch their ideas in front of a jury.
  • Pitch: Selection of best business concepts and awarding of prizes.
  • Launch: Winners of the challenge get professional support in launching new waste businesses.

Sign up and upload your business idea!

So let’s start co-creating on your ideas! Below the process is explained in detail.

  • Sign up for the Taka Taka challenge and fill out your profile information.
  • Submit your business idea by answering the questions in the web-form.
  • As soon as your idea is online you will receive feedback from experts to support you to improve your business idea.
  • Submit your idea before April 23rd to make a chance to win one of the early bird prizes. Besides these prizes, the earlier you submit your idea the more feedback you will be able to receive.
  • The final deadline for submitting your idea is May 18th, 23.59 hrs (Kenyan time). No new ideas will be accepted after this deadline. The Selection Committee will only read the information you have uploaded at this point. Make sure you answer all questions and incorporate the feedback you received. Attachments are not obligatory in this phase (see below under “Formats attachments”).
  • The Selection Committee will assess all ideas and select the top 5-10 ideas that proceed to the next round (enrichment phase). Their decision will be communicated on May 31st.
  • In the enrichment phase, the 5-10 finalists will receive assistance to translate their idea into a more worked out business concept and prepared to pitch for an audience. After the enrichment phase they will be ready to start validating their concept in real life. In this phase there are several obligatory attachments to be uploaded, see below. The deadline for submitting your final plan is July 3rd, 23:59 hrs (Kenyan Time).
  • During the pitch event on July 15th in Kisumu the final jury will select one to three business ideas that will win the challenge prizes. The winner will have the chance to receive professional support in turning the business model into a startup.

Formats attachments

For the first phase, Ideation, there are no obligatory attachments. You can add attachments to support your submission. However, the jury will not look at documents longer than 3 pages text. Please be brief and only add essential documents, preferably graphics, drawings or photos.

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