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12 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Do In 2012

12 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Do In 2012

With just 20 days into 2012, it is not too late for every entrepreneur need to reflect on the achievements, challenges and of course failures in their business during 2011.

During this early period, entrepreneurs require to put in place things that will help their business grow in 2012.

I have complied a list of things to do in order to take off 2012 by storm in your business.

Here are 12 Things To Do In 2012:

1. Update Your Social Media - you will need update your profiles. If you have done more designs or acquired new clients you need to update it on your social media. Make sure you do at least one update per day so that to assure your customers that you are still in business.

2. Create 2012 Folders – Create new files in your computer for all of the key files that you use on a regular basis ex: contracts 2012, coaching clients 2012, blog content 2012 etc. This is also a great time to start using dropbox.com to back up all of the files that you use in your business. Start using the cloud, so that you can share files and protect your business operations.

3. Update Your Pricing – Currently the economy is been performing poorly with interest rates going up and inflation going upwards. You need to review your pricing for your products or services. Any business is dependent on profit in order to survive or even operate.

4. Update Your Website - In the new year make sure your website or blog has a new look. Even adding a new header graphic can make a big difference. Create new ways to engage your target customers. Add a new giveaway, checklist or coupon offer to your website. Make sure that you at least update the copyright signature to 2012.

5. Backup Your Data – You will need to backup all your content. You can use such Free websites like Dropbox to save your contacts and other data. You don’t want to start 2012 with worries of losing any of your data.

6. Clean Out Your Inbox - Start 2012 fresh with no old emails. If you haven’t read it by now, it is simply not that important. And if you subscribed to anything you haven’t been reading take this opportunity to unsubscribe.

7. Get a New Professional Headshot. If you have changed your appearance in any way, you need a new head shot. Be sure to get it professionally done, the photo from your cellphone is not appropriate. Be sure to smile and look friendly.

8. Tax Returns - Make sure you have updated your tax returns. If you have incurred any penalties, you will need to arrange for repayment option so to avoid it affect the operation of your business.

9. Develop a 2012 Target Customer List - You should have a list target clients I want to have. Monthly, I check my list against my sales activities. Challenge yourself by putting some big fish on the list. It’s a great way to keep your sales processes going.

10. Acquire Theme Song – It is important to have a personal theme song as an entrepreneur. Like the say, music is a very powerful influence and having a theme song that helps you in your entrepreneurial journey can be your motivator. The song has to one which makes you feel good. I have been using Never Wave My Flag by Mary Mary during 2011 and it has worked wonders to me as an entrepreneur. “Only victory can satisfy the hunger for success

11. Develop Signature Content. If you are going to be using content to build a social media brand in 2012, you need to spend time to develop great multimedia content. It’s the best way to firmly establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Remember, that people learn from reading, watching and listening to helpful information. What will your signature content be?

12. Determine How You Will Keep In Contact With Your List. The most valuable thing in your business is your potential and existing customer lists. You should plan how and when you will communicate with your target customers. Options include email, video posts, direct mail, phone calls, special offers/ coupons.

Do you have any more tips for tasks before 2012 for small business owners?

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Enock Kiprono is the founder of Fenesi.com & Dealpoa.com. He loves to connect with entrepreneurs that are success driven, passionate, action-taking whose goal is to make a difference in the business world!
  • http://fashionboma.com Stylifiq

    Very helpful info even for a budding entrepreneur like myself. I’ve never had a theme song, Now I’ll pick one.
    Also I think its important to study areas where your competitors beat you in previous years and work on improving your products in those areas.

    • http://www.enockkiprono.com Enock Kiprono

      Stylifiq, glad you found it useful! It is good to have a theme song as it has really helped me through challenges in business. Its good to know what advantages your competitors had on you but i have always been that if you have B-I Triangle in place for your business, then it will be easy to grow as a business

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